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Finding Your Desired Job in 21 Days

Learn the Strategy. Follow the Plan. Get Your Desired Job.

Real-World Strategy. Real Results.

What if you had a real-world strategy that really works?
Introducing our 3-hour Workshop:
Finding Your Desired Job in 21 Days

Real-world strategy you’ll not find anywhere else.


Discover 20+ little-known job search channels that multiply your opportunities by up to 400%!


Uncover ways to stand out in 10 seconds, and even turn the tables to become – the interviewer!


Get clear of what you want, stay on-track with your daily action plan, and get your desired job in 21 days!

Real-World Strategy. Real Results.


Your Speaker

Wendy Leow

Wendy is not your typical single industry, single company, single role professional. Her career spans 20+ years across diverse industries from healthcare to consultancy. Finance was not something she envisioned when she embarked on her career-life as a health professional in the public sector. Armed with her tenacious nature and sheer grit, she achieved multiple globally recognised accolades, and numerous profession certifications plus tens of thousands of glowing testimonials from individuals that she has impacted so far.

Among the many international accolades bestowed on her, Wendy is a Top of the Table™ (TOT™) Financial Professional in the years of 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. This award is often referred to as the platinum standard in the financial industry. It recognises the industries
‘ elite (less than 1% globally); their dedication, professionalism, and adherence to global standards of excellence.

Beyond her professional success, Wendy’
s true passion lies in mentoring and coaching others. Wendy is a Gallup International Certified Strengthsfinder™ Coach and an accredited DISC™ Flow coach, the latter an honour that only less than 50 have been certified. Yet what makes her distinctively different and so sought after is a trait she honed her entire life – her empathic connection.

She is a firm believer in the philosophy of
“One Life, One Chance”. Armed with practical field experiences in finance and life coaching > 50,000 coachees through the years, Wendy invests time into guiding willing individuals towards having their own ability to find their true north. She connects with people on a authentic, genuine level and has a knack for making others feel at ease almost instanteously. Her mentorship fosters deep and lasting relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Throughout her journey, Wendy has coached both young individuals and veterans alike from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Thailand.

In addition to her dedication to professional development, Wendy leads a purpose-driven life. She is driven by a relentless curiosity to understand the
“WHY” behind everything she does, and she approaches each endeavour with intention and authenticity.



Is this another resume or interview workshop?
No, this is NOT a resume or interview workshop. There are plenty of such workshops out there, which we honestly feel does too little to equip you with real-world job-seeking skills. Instead, this is a full-on strategic approach to finding your desired job in 21 days or less, where you learn step-by-step how 85% of people really get their jobs. You will walk away from the workshop fully-equipped with a customized strategy and 21-day game plan to finding your desired job.
But I don’t know what I want.
This is exactly why you need to come for our career workshop. In fact, most of our participants didn’t know what they want before coming for this workshop. When you come for our workshop, not only you will gain better clarity of the job you really want, you will also walk away with a customized strategy and 21-day game-plan to getting your desired job.
I already have a job. Do I really need this?
Are you happy with your current job? If you are like 71% of working adults in Singapore, you are probably not happy with where you are, and are thinking of looking out for another job. If there’s a way to find your dream job, wouldn’t you want to find out exactly how to find your dream job NOW, so that you wouldn’t end up landing another job that you DON’T want again?
Will I really find my desired job in 21 days?
If in the scenario you do not find your desired job after closely following the 21-day action plan, simply repeat the action plan for another one or two more cycles. Most people find their desired job within one to three cycles. However, this requires work. If you don’t intend to do anything, this is not for you. But if you have been doing a lot with no results, then this career strategy program is just for you!

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