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Real Results from our Workshops.

What if you had a real-world strategy to get ahead and get the raise you deserve?

Introducing our 90-min Virtual Workshop:

GAIN2: Get Ahead in the New Normal

Real-world strategy you’ll not find anywhere else.


Are your bosses’ impression of you good, bad, or non-existent? Find out how to change and enhance them so you stand out in their eyes!


When your impact grows, your income follows. Learn how to raise your impact in your organization so your income rises too!


All opportunities come through people. Learn how to win over supporters who advocate for your pay raise & promotion!

Get everything you need to get ahead and get the raise you deserve.

Real Results from our Workshops.


Your Speakers

Arthoven Ng

Arthoven joined the MTFA™ speakers’ team in 2019, bringing with him more than 3 years of experience as a speaker and trainer from the education industry.

He has impacted more than 50,000 lives across Southeast Asia as a travelling trainer and motivational speaker.

As someone who loves to challenge the norm, Arthoven offers unique perspectives and strategies for his audience to achieve a more effective and successful career progression path.

Winsor Wong

Winsor joined the MTFA™ movement as a speaker in 2019. He aims to inspire more people to take charge of their careers and help them get to where they want to be.

Other than his 9 years of experience in the FA industry, Winsor is also an avid dragon boat sports coach. He brings with him fresh perspectives in delivering the workshop’s materials through his years of coaching expertise.

Breaking down career progression into effective, actionable steps, Winsor shares proven methods we can all use to progress in our careers.

Shawn Hoh

Shawn is the latest addition to the MTFA™️ speakers’ team. Coming from a background in training and education, he strives to create a positive impact on the lives he crosses paths with.

Over the past 5 years, he has impacted over 2,000 lives in areas such as leadership and personal development. His desire to empower others led him to find his desired career that allows him to impact others.

He strives to empower people to look beyond their personal limitations and achieve their goals in life by imparting actionable steps and strategies.



Is this another salary negotiation workshop?

No, this is NOT a salary negotiation workshop. There are plenty of such workshops out there that teaches you what to say in the actual meeting with your boss, but none of them teaches you what to do in the months leading up to the meeting to prove that you deserve the raise. This workshop is a full-on strategic approach that positions you and prepares your boss for the raise you deserve.

Is this about “how to suck up to your boss”?

No, and we absolutely hate that behaviour too. Ass-kissers may succeed at the first try or two, but in the long run their pay always fall back to their real value (along with a smelly reputation too). On the other hand, if you’re worth more than what’s reflected in your pay, you need to communicate your value more and raise your Impression, Impact and Influence. This workshop shows you how, while winning the support of your co-workers and colleagues.

Isn’t it faster to get a raise by finding another job?

Yes, but we don’t often recommend that. “Pay” is just one of the 4Ps that contribute to your job happiness, the others being: People, Progress and Purpose. If you’re unhappy with all the 4Ps, you might want to consider changing companies, for which we have another workshop for you: Finding Your Desired Job in 21 Days. But if you’re already happy in your company and only unhappy with your Pay, why not learn and grow the qualities that get you the raises you desire, no matter where you are, year after year?

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