You had worked really hard, but you were passed for this round of pay raise again.

We get it. Life’s unfair.

Well, maybe not. You see, Hard work ≠ Result

You may be working hard, but are you delivering enough Value according to what your company wants?

If not, here are…

5 Ways to Maximize Your Value At Work

1. Know What Delivers Value Right from the Start

Start with the end in mind. While the process may be important to you, the outcome is important to your boss. You can work hard all you want, but if your hard work does not produce the result your company wants, your hard work can be considered as wasted.

2 Employees are asked to translate some materials for their manager.
Employee A burnt midnight oil to rush out the work and sent all the translated documents to the manager.
Employee B summarised and translated the key points of the materials, and sent the report to the manager.
Who has delivered more value?

 2. Single-tasking

If someone feels that he/she is good at multi-tasking, there are 2 possibilities: 1. all the tasks are simple and do not require much thinking (and do not produce much value). 2. He/she is easily distracted and finds it hard to focus, thus the need to switch between tasks; it is likely that he/she will be less capable.


 100% of team’s time and energy
No. of project a team works on:Percentage spent on each projectPercentage wasted on the transition among projects

3. Get Things Done

Value is only realised when a task is COMPLETED. A person who focuses on delivering VALUE will focus on the OUTCOME, not just the PROCESS.

Value of a Ferrari, not sold: $0
Value of a half-manufactured Ferrari: $0
Value of a Ferrari, sold: $1,100,000

4. Solve the Problem Once and For All

Procrastination will not make the problem go away, or become any easier. If a problem can be resolved without delay, it will help to reduce similar occurrences in the future.

It was found that the time it takes to resolve a bug in the programme a few weeks down the road is 24x of what it takes if the bug is to be resolved today!

5. Work Hard for Real, Not for Show

Be honest with yourself, and know how much effort have you put in to deliver the value. The appearance of “working hard” does not impress, the outcome brought about by the hard work does.


What it seems likeWhat it actually is
Overtime in office daily till lateSpend most of the time chitchatting with colleagues during the day
Sitting at the desk for 4 hours, even skipping lunch1/2 of the time is spent on Whatsapp / surfing the net
Always the first in officeWaste the early morning away sipping coffee and reading gossip news

Remember… Hard work ≠ Result

Don’t be the 80% who work hard on things.

Be the 20% who work hard on themselves and deliver value through your hard work, and it would be stupid for your company NOT to give you the pay raise you’ve always wanted!