What Do I Really Want In My Career and Life?

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After working with young people over the years, we realize that majority of these hungry and ambitious talents strive without knowing the ‘WHY’ behind their actions, be it in life or at work.

The ‘why’ and ‘how’ gets you the ‘wow’

We are creating a movement. A movement that seeks to improve your life. We provide a wealth of experience in financial planning, helping you chart your financial growth from your youth to retirement. Yet, we also believe that beyond this, our consultants are just like you and me., people who are struggling to get ahead. So we take what we know and create an experience for  you. We want to be here for you. Many people float through their first few jobs, trying to find their passion, or what they think is their desired job, only to waste time in the wrong places, doing the wrong thing. Today, majority of the workforce demands work-life balance. We spend so much of our time at work, and with our colleagues. Hence, it is of utmost importance that we find a job that we are happy to be at, as this sets the tone for our life.

Through our workshops, we want to leave an imprint on everyone we meet. We celebrate successes and failures. We share experiences. We help you discover your ‘WHY’, we equip you with the ‘HOW, so that you create your own ‘WOW’.

What do you want?

More than 80% of young people
we come across do not know
what they want to do, or why
they do what they do.
– poll from “Finding your desired job
   in 21 days”workshop

How can you survive?

Technological change is on the
verge of upending the global
economy, and that the ‘reskilling
and  upskilling of today’s workers
will be critical’.
Will you be left standing?
– The World Economic Forum 2016.

Why Will you stay?

30% of fresh grads quit their
first job within a year, even if it
took them up to three months to
secure the job. Of those who left,
67% wanted more professional
growth, and more than half
wanted more mentorship,
feedback and support.
– Monster.com

Did You Know?

how do you go through everyday?

Millennials struggle to find good
jobs that engage them.  Only 29%
of employed millennials are
engaged at work.
– Gallup Report

Where will you be?

Technological change is on the
verge of upending  the global
economy, and that the ‘reskilling
and upskilling of today’s workers
will be critical’. 
Will you be left standing?
– The World Economic Forum 2016.

Who will be left behind?

More than 72% of job-seekers
feel that they were forced to
compromise when finding work,
which they attribute largely due
to the economy downturn.
They will leave their current job as
economic conditions improve.
They want to be in their career
of choice, not one chosen out of
– PWC 14th Annual Global CEO Survey

YOur Speaker

Wendy Leow

Wendy Leow


Wendy is passionate about grooming the next generation for success. Her sensational and relational talks bring up her own personal and heartwarming experiences. Believing in the power of youth, Wendy shares a wealth of wisdom to help young talents realize their dreams.

With her direct and straightforward approach of coaching, Wendy’s unwavering dedication has fostered unprecedented growth in the next generation.

Come discover for yourself how Wendy managed to rise up to be one of the leading talent groomers in the industry.

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Kickstart the journey of finding your purpose, your WHY


Gain fresh insight into the current job landscape, and how it applies and affects you.


Re-discover your dreams and the passion you once had.


Get answers to burning questions and issues that you face.


Find out the challenges your peers are facing at their workplace and in life.


Tap into the wealth of experience that our speakers have as they journey with you.


Walk away knowing exactly what you need to do next with your career and life.


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